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Hidden (Combined) Walks

These are routes which take part of walks in Time Out Country Walks book 1 or book 2 as their starting point, and then combine them with new directions to create a whole new walk. The extra walk directions to do this are on this website, with links to them outlined below

Saunderton via Wheeler End Circular

Length: 16km/9.9 miles

This new walk starts off by using the short walk variation of book 2, walk 3, Saunderton via West Wycombe. It then strikes out to the south, taking in completely new Chiltern’s territory, to a lunch pub near the M40. The afternoon returns across rolling countryside to Saunderton station.

Chesham Circular

Length: 11.8km/7.3 miles

A circular walk that uses book 2, walk 4, Chesham to Great Missenden as its starting point.

Great Missenden Circular

Length: 16km/10 miles

You need the instructions for both book 1, walk 5, Great Missenden to Amersham, and book 2, walk 4, Chesham to Great Missenden to do this Chilterns walk. Click here for instructions on how to link the two

Kintbury Circular

Length: 23km/14.3 miles

After following the morning of book 2, walk 9, Kintbury to Great Bedwyn, this route loops back to the starting station, exploring new reaches of the Berkshire countryside.

Riddlesdown to Kingswood

Length: 15km/9.3 miles

This walk combines the alternative Riddlesdown start to book 2, walk 15 Coulsdon South Circular with an new ending to Kingswood, exploring a beautiful area of the North Downs just to the south of London.

These directions can also be used to do a Coulsdon South to Kingswood walk of 12.4km (7.7 miles), using the walk 15 directions as far as the lunch pub, and the Riddlesdown to Kingswood directions thereafter.

Sole Street Circular

Length: 13.5km/8.4 miles

A completely new start to book 2, walk 17, Snodland to Sole Street, which has the virtue of turning it into a circular walk, and highlighting new delights of this unknown corner of the North Downs

Wadhurst to Robertsbridge

Length: 34km/21 miles

On this site as the Wadhurst Long Walk, this variation on book 2, walk 18 is a long and energetic ramble through the hilly Weald. Starting it by using Free Walk 5, Wadhurst via Bewl Water as far as the reservoir cuts out two or three miles in the morning.

Stonegate to Robertsbridge

Length: from 12.5km/7.75 miles to 29km/18 miles

Various options are outlined in the Stonegate Variations document

Free walk 112 Stonegate to Robertsbridge uses one of these variations in the morning and a new route in the afternoon.

Robertsbridge to Battle

Length: 17.2km/10.7 miles

Only the very start of this walk uses book 2 instructions – from the short walk of book 2, walk 20, Robertsbridge Circular. There is a fairly long morning through woodland that is alive with wood anemones and bluebells in April, before lunch in a picturesque village. The shorter afternoon offers an intriguingly direct approach into the heart of the historic Battle.

Dunbridge to Romsey

Length: 12km/7.4 miles

A walk that figured in the original version of book one and was later dropped. It passes National Trust-owned Mottisfont Abbey in a quiet corner of Hampshire, and takes in part of the Test Way before ending in the abbey town of Romsey.

Arundel Circular

Length: 14.5km/9 miles

This walk combines the start of book 1, walk 32, Arundel to Amberley, with the end of book 2, walk 22, Amberley to Arundel. The morning part of the walk takes you across the grounds of Arundel Castle: in the afternoon you see the castle itself, rising dramatically above the water meadows of the river Arun. Tips on how to do this can be found by clicking here.

Lewes to Berwick

Length: 17.5km/11 miles

Branching off the Lewes via West Firle route, this walk travels along the foot of the downs to Charleston Farmhouse and Berwick Church, both associated with the Bloomsbury Group.

Rye Circular

Length: 18km/11.5 miles

This interesting exploration of the hills, ancient towns and marshlands around Rye starts with the walk directions from Rye to Winchelsea on this site, which take you to the Queens Head, the lunch pub for book 1, walk 25 Winchelsea to Hastings. You can then switch to the directions for that walk and follow them as far as the road at Pett Level, you turn left on it switch to book 2, walk 29 at point [4] for a return to Rye via Winchelsea.

Winchelsea Circular

Length: 12.6km (7.8 miles)

As for Rye Circular above, but starting and ending at Winchelsea station, which now has a two hourly train service once more.