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New Walk Options

This is a handy list of all significant variations on the walks in Time Out Country Walks book 1 or book 2, for which directions can be found on this website. Also included in this section are a few suggestions of how to combine book 1 and book 2 walks to create new routes.

Book 1, walk 1:

Henley Round

This walk shares the same lunch pub in Hambleden as book 2, walk 7, Henley via Hambleden, and book 2, walk 8, Marlow Circular. Using these directions, you can thus choose a different route back to Henley, or carry on to Marlow (about four miles from Hambleden)

Book 1, walk 2:

Warnborough to Godalming

This walk and option 12a in book two both pass by Watts Gallery. So it is possible to do a Warnborough to Guildford walk using book one to Watts Gallery and book two, walk 12a thereafter

Book 1, walk 15:

Leigh to Tunbridge Wells

Combining the start of this walk as far as Penshurst, with the ending of book 1, walk 19, Hever to Leigh, makes a very pleasant short walk, with the stately home of Penshurst Place and the cosy tea room in the village at its heart.

Book 1, walk 24

Cookham to Maidenhead

(Cookham  Round Walk in older versions of the book)

At the end of Free walk 56 Maidenhead to Marlow on this website are "Marlow Circular" directions for starting the walk from Marlow. Combining these with the afternoon of this walk gives you a Marlow to Maidenhead walk - largely along the Thames Path.

Book 1, walk 25:

Rye to Hastings via Winchelsea

Instructions for starting this walk in Rye, and an alternative route from Winchelsea station to the lunch pub, passing through the historic town of Winchelsea, and along a pretty ridge with distant views of the sea.

You can also use these directions to create a Rye Circular walk of approximately 18km (11.8 miles), following the new route from Rye to lunch in Icklesham, then book 1, walk 25 to Pett Level, and book 2, walk 29 from Pett Level to Winchelsea and back to Rye.

Book 1, walk 26:

Shelford to Cambridge

Free walk 105, Cambridge via Grantchester Circular is a a shorter (15km/9.4 mile) version of this walk which takes in the Cambridge Colleges, Granchester and its tea gardens, and then loops back into Cambridge.

Book 1, walk 27:

Milford to Haslemere

Minor alternative routes in the region of the Devil’s Punchbowl can be found on the updates page for this walk.

Book 1, walk 32:

Arundel to Amberley

You can combine the start of this walk with the end of book 2 walk 22, Amberley to Arundel, to create an Arundel Circular walk that first walks through the grounds of Arundel Castle and then walks back along the river Arun with fine views of the castle itself. For more details, click here.

Book 1: walk 33:

Mortimer to Aldermaston

Extending this walk by four miles along the canal to Theale. Directions are at the end of the updated version of this walk on the website.

Book 1, walk 36:

Borough Green to Sevenoaks

You can vary this walk by using the route in Extra Walk 21, Sevenoaks Circular from Ightham Mote to Knole House, which takes you along the edge of the Greensand escarpment, with fine views. This misses out the lunch pub, but you can have lunch at Ightham Mote’s National Trust cafe instead.

Book 1, walk 49:

Boxhill to Leatherhead

A short variation which takes you down across a gentle hill with wonderful views, where the book route takes you through a wooded valley. Directions for this are on the Updates page for this walk. This alternative route has been incorporated into the 2011 version of the book, as well as the updated version on website

Book 1, walk 52:

Princes Risborough to Wendover

This walk weaves in and out of the afternoon of the Wendover Circular walk (book 2, walk 1). You really need to know both routes before you can experiment, but once you do, there are several points where the walks intersect, allowing you different options

Book 2, walk 1:

Wendover Circular

An alternative ending for this walk takes you up onto the fine viewpoint of Coombe Hill.

The afternoon of this walk also weaves in and out of the Princes Risborough to Wendover walk (book 1, walk 52) You really need to know both routes before you can experiment, but once you do, there are several points where the walks intersect, allowing you different options

Book 2, walk 5

Tring Circular

Details of bluebell woods just off the route of this walk are to be found on its updates page. These have been incorporated into the 2011 edition of thebook

Book 2, walk 7:

Henley via Hambleden Circular

This walk shares the same lunch pub as two other walks – book 1 walk 1, Henley Round, and book 2 walk 8, Marlow Circular. So it is possible to do a completely different route back to Henley, or to end in Marlow instead (about four miles from the lunch pub in Hambleden)

Book 2, walk 8:

Marlow Circular

Marlow to Henley and Henley to Marlow options are described in the book. If using the original Penguin edition, note that on option 8a you pick up the Henley via Hambledon walk directions at point [6], not [5] as stated.

Book 2, walk 10:

Alton Circular

A new route for the section just after lunch, which combines the climb up onto Selborne Common with the pleasant ridge followed in the afternoon short cut has been included in the updated version of this walk on this website. That document also includes an alternative ending from Chawton across the fields, rather than through the town of Alton as in the book.

Book 2, walk 11

Petersfield to Liss

There are no written directions for this, but if you follow the Hangars Way northwards after lunch in Hawkley, you will come in four to five miles to Selborne, from where it is a six mile walk along the route of book 1, walk 10, Alton Circular, to Alton. There is also a 5pm bus from Selborne to Alton railway station, and a tea stop in the village in the shape of the tea room of Gilbert White’s house

Book 2, walk 12

Guildford to Farnham

Walk 12a, Guildford Circular, goes to Watts Gallery, which is also on book 1, walk 2, Warnborough to Godalming: it is thus possible to use this route after Watts Gallery and end in Godalming

A small diversion off the route of walk 12a also takes you to a possible lunch pub, the Witthies Inn. The directions for this also include brief directions for extending the walk along the Wey Navigation to Godalming.

Book 2, walk 13

Guildford to Gomshall

Following the closure of the Ramblers Rest tea room, a completely new afternoon route has been created for this walk, which is more interesting scenically, a bit longer, goes to a fine viewpoint, and comes down to a tea room in Abinger Hammer. This has been included in a new version of this walk on this website, which also includes more information about how to extend this walk to Boxhill, and on where to find bluebells in late April or early May. You can also do Gomshall Circular and Gomshall to Boxhill walks using these new instructions.

Book 2, walk 14

Effingham Junction to Westhumble

An alternative ending from Polesden Lacey to Westhumble, which essentially is the morning of the short walk in reverse.

Book 2, walk 15

Coulsdon South Circular

An alternative ending to Kingswood, which when combined with the alternative Riddlesdown start makes a completely new walk.

Book 2, walk 16

Hurst Green to Chiddingstone Causeway

An alternative route for the latter part of the morning route. Where the main route is mainly in woods up on the Greensand Ridge, this route takes you into the open country to the south. You gently climb up the south slope of the ridge, with increasingly fine views, before coming to Chartwell, the home of Winston Churchill. You can either re-join the main walk route here, or carry on further to link up with it below Toys Hill. If the latter option is taken, the morning of the walk is almost entirely in open fields, as opposed to the dense woodland of the main walk route.

Free walk 36, Oxted Circular and Extra walk 79, Edenbridge to Westerham both also cross the same territory as this walk - they both visit Chartwell, for example - creating the possibility of doing a Hurst Green to Westerham walk, for example, or a different Hurst Green to Oxted walk from the one in the book.

Book 2, walk 17

Snodland to Sole Street

The website offers you two completely different mornings to this walk:

1) Starting from Sole Street, to create a circular walk

2) Starting from Cuxton: see Free Walk 35, Cuxton to Sole Street.

The Free Walk 35 directions also contain a four mile extension which can be used to lengthen either the book walk or the Sole Street Circular variation.

Book 2, walk 19

Stonegate Circular

Various options are outlined in the Stonegate Variations document.

Free walk 112 Stonegate to Robertsbridge on this site uses one of the alternative morning routes in this document, and combines it with an entirely new route over the hills to Robertsbridge

Book 2, walk 20

Robertsbridge Circular

A detour to an alternative lunch pub in Hurst Green.

Book 2, walk 21

Pluckley Circular

There is an extended version of this walk, taking in a stretch of the Greensand Way ridge, with fine views, and taking in possible tea stops.

Book 2, walk 23

Hassocks to Upper Beeding

Brief directions for ending the walk at the railway stations of Fishersgate or Shoreham.

Book 2, walk 24

Lewes to Saltdean

(Lewes via Rodmell Circular older versions of the book)

Free walk 134 uses the start of this walk, and then offers an alternative route from the downs above Lewes down to Rottingdean for lunch and on into Brighton.

Users of the 2004 and 2006 editions of the book, where this walk is Lewes via Rodmell Circular can gain access to the new Saltdean ending via a revised version on this website.

Book 2, walk 25

Lewes via West Firle

Another option takes you from Lewes to Berwick via Charleston Farmhouse (the summer retreat of the Bloomsbury Group) and on along the bottom of the downs to Berwick Church, which was decorated by the group.

The route of the Lewes via West Firle intersects with that of book 2 walk 26, Southease to Seaford, just after the telecommunications masts in the afternoon.This opens up the possiblity of a long ramble across the South Downs to the sea

It is not difficult to combine this walk with the Saltdean ending of book 2 walk 24 Lewes to Saltdean. Instructions for this are contained in the 2011 edition of the book

Book 2, walk 27

Berwick to Eastbourne

It is highly recommended to use the updated version of this walk on this website (also included in the 2011 edition of the book) as this has an improved road crossing for the busy A27 just before Wilmington and takes you up past the foot of the Long Man of Wilmington.

An alternative route over the downs from the Long Man to Jevington is also available, and Extra Walk 129 Berwick to Birling Gap contains a shorter start from Berwick to Wilmington and other ideas on how to vary the walk across the downs

Book 2, walk 28

Seaford to Eastbourne

You can finish or start the walk at East Dean, which is inland from the Seven Sisters, and which is served by regular buses to Eastbourne and Seaford.

If you are planning to reverse this walk, the Eastbourne to East Dean directions in the Free Walks section of this site might also be useful. These directions also offer a direct route from Birling Gap to East Dean.

Book 2, walk 30

Dover to Deal

The Updates and Feedback section for this walk offers an improved walking tour of Deal’s old town.