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Traffic Free / Off Road Cycling in South East England


Below are traffic free / off road long distance cycle routes in South East England. They consist of canal and river towpaths, disused railway lines, seafront paths, and some long distance walks which are also permissive routes for cyclists. While the new "NCN" national cycle routes show promise, few of them in the south east are traffic free for significant stretches. I look forward to being proved wrong!

Please note that most of these routes are mainly aimed at pedestrians, so please don't shame yourself and spoil it for other cyclists by cycling aggressively.

  • Always give way to pedestrians, especially children, the elderly, and the less able
  • Slow down when you meet pedestrians (and at blind bends)
  • When approaching pedestrians from behind, please do not ring your bell (which can startle them), but slow to walking pace, and say 'excuse me'
  • On rivers and canals : dismount under narrow or low bridges, and past locks
Region Star # Walk Length Effort New Description
South East 1 Downs Link 68 km 6 2 disused railway lines and 2 riverside paths - level - and almost entirely traffic free
South East 2 Kennet And Avon Canal 156 km 4 A canal side towpath through rural England
London 3 Wandle Trail 12 km 1 A mix of riverside paths and small local parks. Traffic free but crosses many roads.
London 4 River Lee Navigation 41 km 1 A canal side path through Docklands, the Olympic Park, surburbia and the Lea Valley
London 5 Regents Canal 34 km 1 A canal side towpath through Victoria Park, Camden, Little Venice, West London
South East 6 Basingstoke Canal 54 km 1 A canal side towpath from Byfleet via Woking to Basingstoke
South East 7 North Kent Coast 1 km 1 A sea wall path past some pretty coastline and seaside resorts
South East 8 Forest Way 24 km 1 2 disused railways lines through rural Sussex
South East 9 South Downs Way 155 km 10 Challenging - the south downs ridge - good trails but many hills
South East 10 Grand Union Canal 184 km 1 Quiet canal side towpath
South East 11 Thames Path 277 km 1 London, Richmond, Kew, Hampton Court, Windsor, Marlow, Henley, Reading, And Oxford
South East 12 Crab And Winkle Way 10 km 1 Disused railway line
South East 13 River Wey Navigation 31 km 2 Riverside path - 2 stretches of picturesque open countryside seperated by historic Guildford
South East 14 Cuckoo Trail 23 km 1 A disused railway line path through quiet countryside

Last Updated : Feb-17