ICC Topographic Map of Catalonia / Catalunya, Spain

Below is an ICC (the equivalent of the OS) topographic map of Catalonia / Catalunya.

GR (long distance paths) and a few local paths are shown at some zoom levels (but, strangely, not the highest zoom level?). However, many local footpaths are not shown at all, especially in National/Local parks. Neither is there any indication of which paths/roads are public or private.

However, this is by far the best online mapping available for Catalonia.

For walkers

The Sunflower Walking Guide is OK, but has few coastal walks, which is a real shame as they are a highlight of the area. There is also a Rother Guide which has twice the number of walks, but the latest edition hasn't been translated into English. You might get a second hand version of the previous edition on Amazon. There are some Catalan language websites about the GR-82 coast walk, and the Cami de Ronda paths, which the Chrome browser can auto-translate.

For general travel

The Kindle only Rough Guide to the Catalonia and the Costa Brava is quite good, but for guide books, paper is much more convenient to use. There are also 10 years out-of-date expanded paper versions of Lonely Planet and Rough Guides to Catalonia. I would very strongly recommend a touring map for drivers if you don't have internet access. Also, note that many Costa Brava hotels charge exorbitant rates for WiFi, but its free in many cafes

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