Covid19 / Coronavirus and walking in the United Kingdom

Max 6 people. Avoid popular paths / destinations. Wales is on lockdown. Organised groups require additional measures.

Last Updated: 25-Oct-20

Official guidance : EnglandNorthern IrelandScotlandWales

Covid19 Laws

Maximum number of people who may walk together outdoors

Individuals Organised groups
England 6 6, or no limit with extra measures
NI 15 15, or no limit with extra measures
Scotland 6 from 2 households 30 only with extra measures
Wales On lockdown. On lockdown.

The "extra measures" for groups include a formal risk assessment (NI), written "event delivery plan" (England), a formal contact tracing system (England, Scotland), and a covid19 compliance officer (Scotland).

What's New

Advice for everyone

Advice for organised walking groups

Mountaineering Scotland (recommended), has detailed advice and a sample group event risk assessment.

Our club's policy

My policy

Guide to Face Masks and Eye Protection

Consider graded face masks and glasses if you are car sharing, or using public transport for an extended period.

Where to buy

I've used the 3M valved mask, its more comfortable to wear than a disposable valved mask. Of course, being valved, it doesn't protect the (non mask wearing) people around you.

Screwfix is good for safety goggles. Recommended even if you don't use them for covid19. During lockdown, there was an increase in DIY / gardening / craft eye accidents.


B&Bs, Airbnbs, and hotels are now all open (but not backpackers / hostels). In smaller places the owners will want to speak to you about your covid19 compliance before booking, and social distance from you when you arrive.


That each nation has its own policy does not help. Ministers make announcements, but the Government websites (which are obfuscated and contradictory anyway) aren't updated until a few days later.

The rules need to be simple and clear. Wading through and trying to decipher the 4 nation's covid19 websites for the outdoor leisure, and outdoor group rules wasn't easy! Do they think every member of the public, and every single walking/cycling/etc. group is going to do that...