This week's walks

Welcome. We have a guide for new members that explains all, but in brief:

  • These walks are free. Everybody welcome, especially visitors to London. No membership, no booking, no RSVPs, just turn up!
  • Please bring a copy of the route as our walks do not have leaders, i.e. a printout, an OS map, or a smartphone (with mapping or PDF).
  • Turnout: 5 to 40 people, weather dependent. See walk reports for an idea.
  • Travel: A "Network Card" gives 1/3 off train fares. Check for 🚧 weekend tube closures.
  • Meet: At the station the walk starts from by the platform exit.
  • Train problems: Use #swcwalks
  • Sunset: 16:34. Dusk: 17:09. Moon: 100% (visible all night)
We're on it...

Covid19: We usually have 1 request ("bring a copy of the route"), but now we have some rules [discuss]

  • you must social distance to, during, and after the walk
  • you must split into sub-groups of 6 (max) at the start, and not mix later on
  • while splitting into sub-groups: 2m plus face mask
  • your sub-group must swap contact information for tracing
  • London (& other Tier 2) walkers may not meet inside pubs or car share
It is a condition of joining a walk that you agree to our legal policy: there is no walk leader, you are responsible for yourself, you absolve the club and its members of any liability.

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